The idea of + is to create a community driven database. The best js-dos bundles (that supports mobile) I will publish to the official repository.

To create js-dos bundle you should follow this steps:

  • open game studio
  • upload zip file with game
  • select game executable
  • configure dosbox (you can just press create archive button)
  • check that game works in preview
  • download js-dos bundle file

For simple bundles you can use this guide.

How to publish:

  • create account on
  • find topic of game using search (e.g. for Wolfenstein 3D it will be: Wolfenstein 3D [May 05, 1992]). Take attention for topic language! If there is no such game in database you should create topic in special category missed games
  • reply and upload created js-dos file in message
  • after posting reply you can play your game by pressing auto created play button
  • if you think that game bundle is good enough to adding into repository, then you should press on flag (in message menu)

How to add mobile controls: