My Collection

This is my collection of games! I’ll put in games that I like/recognize.
I’ll post my collection of games here. Here’s what I accumulated:

Beyond_Castle_Wolfenstein.jsdos (103.8 KB)
KIDPIX.jsdos (1.6 MB)
virtual_pool.jsdos (150.0 KB)
nyan.jsdos (105.6 KB)
Dangerous-Dave’s-Risky-Rescue.jsdos (427.0 KB)
arachne.jsdos (1.1 MB)
Asterix-And-The-Banquet.jsdos (18.6 MB)
JMFootball.jsdos (467.8 KB)
BlackJack.jsdos (22.3 KB)
OBJECTION!.jsdos (266.1 KB)
DOSShell.jsdos (181.8 KB)

I know, it seems like I just grabbed a bunch of garbage, but really, I grabbed what I liked. I would grab Asterix, but they only stream it. I’ll try my best to find them.

Translations (as some titles might be confusing):

2: KIDPIX: A drawing app targeted at kids, kind of like Mario Paint!
3: Virtual Pool: A game of billiards. (The mouse part is broken, so it might be hard to play…)
4: Nyan: Adventures of Nyan Cat (A map of Nyan cat for the game ZZT)
5: Dangerous Dave: A knockoff of Rick Dangerous, it has some gore but it’s mostly in the animations when you game over. (Mouse is broken, but you can navigate with arrow keys)
6: Arachne: A web browser. It’s been well developed. When I tested it, the mouse was misaligned. It fixed later on. It won’t have many features other than style and other gizmos when there’s no internet to surf.
8: JMFootball: John Madden Football (Really well done!)
10: OBJECTION!: Like Pheonix Wright: Ace Attorney, but a lot more different.
11: DOSShell: Finder/File Explorer for DOS.

That’s all I have for now! Stay Safe! :smiley:

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