Is there any cloud streaming turorial?

i’m looking for some hints/tips/tutorial/guide to setup streaming dosgames over my local network, from what I understand by looking around at your work (js-dos, turbo, janus) I think this is possible. but I don’t have a clue on how to set it up.

my background: I’m a linux system administrator with affinity with BSD/solaris/centos/ubuntu
I’m familiar with basic html and some cli scripting (perl, python, bash, …)
I’m hosting a truenass server at home which could feasibly host the server side of the js-dos/turbo/janus setup within a jail (vm)

I succesfully got js-dos hosted on nginx in a jail but this pulls everything locally instead of streaming it from the server (my goal).

any form of tip/instruction is welcome

If I would get it working I would be happy to document my process so you can put it up on your wesite in e.g. a n00b turtorial section :slightly_smiling_face:

from discord (@dasheep)

Why you need streaming? You can run a web site with js-dos. Streaming only make sens for “slow” games like NFS /Duke HiRes.

Regarding to streaming with js-dos, I experimented with janus and it works, however I found it cumbersome and want to replace it with something more lightweight (maybe pion). There is no any guide or even worked solution that you can get and setup streaming service for dos. I will do this after I finish adding IPX support to js-dos.

You can try another solutions like: GitHub - giongto35/cloud-morph: Decentralize, Self-host Cloud Gaming/Application OR GitHub - chunying/gaminganywhere: GamingAnywhere: An Open Cloud Gaming System

I’m very interested in this as well. Two scenarios:

  1. While being able to log in on different machines and load the same disk state is nice, even better if I could connect to the exact same session and resume instantly.
  2. I’m interesting in building a VR client. Have not tried this in VR yet, but my guess is the device will really struggle to render the game as well as the environment.

Hi. Cloud gaming is not supported for now, I planned a global rewrite. Regarding VR you can do it with js-dos, actually there is VR project:

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