I can't manage to load a saved game

Richacinas 11/03/2021

I can’t manage to load a saved game, no matter what I try

I have followed all the answers that @caiiiycuk gave around here (logged in, not logged in, exit the game pressing the back button, hitting the disk icon and getting the green popup), and nothing works. When I start my game, it always starts from the beginning. I have tried Doom and Prince of Persia 2.

can anybody help?

I’m using Chrome, normal tab

caiiiycuk 11/03/2021

Do you do save inside game itself?

Richacinas 11/03/2021

I hit the save button, yes



Dos.Zone play dos games in browser

caiiiycuk 11/03/2021

Not the save button, but save in doom menu?

Richacinas 11/03/2021


didnt try that

  • caiiiycuk 11/03/2021

The save button on dos.zone only store file system changes. But you need to use save load mechanism from game itself

Richacinas 11/03/2021

right… I can see that Doom saves ok through its menu, yes


caiiiycuk 11/03/2021