Final doom remake

FINAL DOOM for mobile,the buttons were added,altered and repositioned for comfortable gameplay.
Please publish it.


Hi, I am not sure that it is comfortable to play with one stick that doing rotation and strafe. You can copy control from DOOM2 game.

ok,working on it!!

I can’t really put “w,a,s,d” button on the stick because it doesn’t work on android,I’m only putting virtual controls on my phone.What do i do?

You need to run SETUP.EXE and configure keyboard keys. But I am not sure if it even possible using only android device… Hmm… But also you can use original keys, without w,a,s,d

Here,i copied the virtual controls of doom 2 but i added sprint button because there’s levels of the game where you need to sprint.The w,a,s,d of the stick still doesn’t work so I search the controls,i put “up and down arrows” for front and backward walking,“comma and period for strafe left and right”,“up+comma,up+period,down+comma and down+period”,and it works very well!
it functions just like the w,a,s,d buttons.

Please enter the same token


Now is super fun, published! Thank you.

thank you too!