Final DOOM [1996]

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Final DOOM is the last id Tech 1 DOOM game. It adds two separate 32 level episodes: TNT: Evilution and The Plutonia Experiment to DOOM II. Gameplay in both episodes is completely identical to DOOM II, right down to the level progression (i.e. 30 levels and two secret levels), although they have a new backstory (both following directly on DOOM II rather than each other. Other changes are some new textures and, in TNT 's case a few new music tracks. Neither episode was made by id Software, but rather by two groups of individuals hired by them; Team TNT and the Casali brothers.

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this isn’t final doom. it’s another dos game called wizard’s doom. get this fixed please

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Bruh I wanted to play Final DOOM not Wizards Doom. Just fix the name and the discription jeez.

this is not final doom wizards doom this is disappointing i wanted to beat all of the original doom games i already beaten ultmate doom1 doom2 and need this

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Doom 2 on this site works but mouse dosent work for it :frowning:


FinalD (1).jsdos (15.7 MB)
here now SHUT UP

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thank you so much my friend

i hope you aceept the consequences