DOS.Zone-Browser vs. Internetbrowser

the DOS.Zone-Brorwser is great, espacially the performance: it’s six times faster than a normal internetbrowser.
But it has one disadvantage: With Android you can only start one instance. Sometimes it may be interesting to start two or more instances of a game.

Is there a solution to get both, the performance and the opportunity to start more instances?

O.K. It is possible to start once the DOS.Zone-browser and for the other instances the Internetbrowser. But is it possible to Start twice the DOS.Zone-Browser or more instances of a game in a single DOS.Zone-Browser or to make the normal Internetbrowser nearly so fast as the DOS.Zone-browser, either in the Browser-settings or in the dosbox.conf-file or with the Sourcecode of the game-program, if available?

It’s not possible to make normal browser to be same preformant as DOS.Zone browser. Because DOS.Zone browser have a native acceleration of dosbox (not using WebAssembly). It possible to make DOS.Zone browser multiwindow, but need time to develop. Btw, I think for Bulls And Cows internet browser is also good.

Hi caiiiycuk,

Thank You.
Before I found I tried JsDOSBox.
It worked, but without mobile support.
It was less performant than js-dos with the same dos-program and you couldn’t run DPMI-programs but only DOS-Real-Mode-programs which were much slower then DOS-Protected-Mode-Programs.

In my opinion DOS.Zone is the most performant and best website for DOS-emulation in the browser.
All browsers are less performant than DOSBox (Windows, Mac, Linux) or Magic DOSBox (Android).
But there is no loss of performance to your DOS.Zone-browser. It is really astonishing.

For bulls and cows the remaining difference of performance doesn’t really make a significant difference.
I’m glad if anyone uses the program. But if he/she wants to play, he/she usually want to solve a riddle himself/herself and not to watch the computer guessing.
And if the computer guesses, there is usually a time-limit. So the computer needs no more time but makes less attempst, which doesn’t matter since the program mixes the codes before guessing.
The difference is only in the Ego of the programer (me) not in the use of the user :wink: .

I think it’s not necessary for normal use.
It may be useful when developing or testing a game or learning different strategies or for cheating.
I’m thinking of games like bulls and cows, chess, checkers or mill game but also labyrinth or adventure games.
My first bulls and cows game was programed on a PC with turbo-pascal without DOS-Protected-Mode with a monochrome monitor and only with DOS, without windows! After Installing Windows 3.11 I could run many instances of bulls and cows. That was a really new expierience at this time and pushed programing. Today I use my PC with Windows 10, DOSBox and Borland Pascal, VirtualBox-Player, VMWare-Player, different guest-operating-sytems and Free Pascal.
So I really don’t need multiwindow also on my Android-smartphone. But it would be a nice feature. :wink:

Another idea about the DOS.Zone-browser:
You can’t clear the cache in an easy way.
I think this is usually not necessary, because DOS-games are most times old and won’t be changed.
But there are also new games like on or the mobile support of DOS.Zone may get new features.
This benefits then only will available in the normal internetbrowser when clearing the cache but not in the DOS.Zone-browser.

Thank You

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