DOS Cloud Gaming (aka Turbo)

Hi folks I am glad to introduce a new feature of & js-dos. I have added experimental support for janus (web-rtc) backend for js-dos. I called it “Turbo”, with it you can play DOS games in the cloud. Turbo can be a last option for playing huge dos games in browser and mobile.

This is an early version of the service, so I don’t even know if it will work well or not. Please share your experience. I am asking you to test and play DOOM through turbo mode (of course you can play other games).

For the desktop version please use Chrome and url below.

For best mobile experience I recommend installing the app.

You need to press the “Turbo” button to start gaming. Everybody can play for free, you just need to login. Please be patient this is a non-commercial project.

Desktop DOOM

Android DOS.Zone application

Cloud result of Dhry2 Test

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If you have strong lags, please report minimal latency you have from this test:

When I first played Turbo I had quite a bit of lag in firefox. Tried lower res but no difference. I checked latency as you requested and saw like “75” - I returned to the game, only this time I closed the other 5 tabs I had opened. :open_mouth: This time the game played flawlessly and far smoother than I remember from my 486 days :smiley:


Video comparsion of playing Duke Nukem 3d in Normal and Turbo mode:

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Turbo worked for blood it often made my screen turn blue for about 2 seconds but it works fine for me…

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I tried doom in turbo and it worked the screen kinda lagged but everything else was fine :slight_smile:

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for me turbo doesn’t work, well I can activate turbo but I can’t see what is going on and it skips some crucial things like the title screen.

Added new regions over the world to reduce input latency.

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