Dope Wars

Hi All,
my first contribution. Thank you all for hosting this community.

This game contains doing something illegal which I personally don’t endorse doing.
It’s only a game, meant for adults, not only of age.

A personal take at Dope Wars, developed long time ago in the original version Drug Wars by John E. Dell, later turned into Dope Wars by the Happy Hacker Foundation.
This version is in x86 ASM with only BIOS calls, using FASM.

Guns and killing has been removed from the game. Selling this stuff is already enough
dopewarsm.jsdos (7.3 KB)

This is my first actual attempt with ASM, have mercy.

Take care,

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i dont wanna ple it ok?

If you meant “I don’t want to play it”. you’re not obliged to, otherwise sorry but didn’t understand