DOOM on AZERTY (french/belgian) keyboard

WillekeD Yesterday at 7:07 PM

For some reason, when playing Doom on pc, I am not able anymore to use up and down arrow to move. Firefox 96.0.2. Worked before.

caiiiycuk Yesterday at 10:25 PM

Now it WASD + mouse

WillekeD Today at 1:23 PM

Unfortunately, I have an AZERTY (french/belgian) keyboard, so this is not playable. (AZE/QSD/WXC are my keys on the left side of the keyboard - so I shoud have ZQSD to be playable)

caiiiycuk Today at 11:14 PM

You can exit game, then type setup.exe and configure controls then run doom.exe It will save config while you use same browser or if you logged in