Our database contains a lot of DOS games. Searching through this big database sometimes can be boring. So, we prepared collections of great games for you. Just press the link to add all games to your favorites.

We are working hard to add support for mobile to all great games, so if you from mobile just use link below, to add all games that support mobile.

Mobile collections

Desktop collections

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To contribute new collections you need to follow this simple instruction.
Collection is a simple text file with “slug” (read below) following one by one like this:


So, basically you need to find all slugs you want and attach them as a file. After that I will add them as a new collection.

How to find slug:

  • Please open games category English -
  • Press search button :mag:
  • Enter game title you want
  • Open the game page
  • Slug is part between /t/ and /<digits> (look attached screenshot)