Adlib Visual Composer v1.51

As it turns out, all along there was a readily available program for composing the FM-synthesis music used in RSD’s Game-Maker. In the late '80s, Ad Lib, Inc. released the AdLib Music Synthesizer Card, the first widely supported sound card for IBM-compatible PCs. For this card they released an intuitive graphical interface for composing .ROL format music files and building sound banks.

Visual Composer is simple and fully featured, considering its vintage. Its mouse-driven interface is very much like Deluxe Paint, and it employs many modern keyboard shortcuts like ctrl-c and ctrl-v. With some twiddling you can even bend and taper notes at will. The only major features it lacks are an undo function and a way to stretch or compress blocks of notes in order to fit a new time signature.

Also included with Visual Composer are AdLib Instrument Maker, for constructing sound banks for use in Visual Composer, and AdLib JukeBox, for rocking out to the fruits of one’s labor. Jukebox includes several sample tunes in various genres, some of which have become sound library staples over the years.
AdLib_Visual_Composer_v1.51.jsdos (283.9 KB)